According to ME, this page has been accessed times including now.

This page has not been updated since 1997, and has been down for some time, I just put it up for the hell of it.... links may not work and information in not up to date (or correct) I may bring it up to date later... but not now.

Here are some software downloads you might need to view my
(or other) pages:
    § Netscape 3 - for the built in plugins for AVI, Quicktime Movies, etc.
    § The QTVR Plugin for Netscape 3.0 - to view Quicktime VR movies of my house!
    § MACROMEDIA's SHOCKWAVE, to view files created in DIRECTOR
    § MAC USERS, go to "Sound Utilities" to get "Soundapp -151" to play .WAV files on your Mac


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